This is my old MSX project page, that I started when I started to create C-applications for that 8-bit platform. There are some site that still link here, so I keep it online for now.

This page will grow a bit over the next few weeks. For now you can download everything I made for my MSX and which I suspect might save other MSX using people at least a few minutes of their time. Suggestions, bugreports, etc. can be emailed to me at my first name at this host. If you don't know what MSX is, you could take a look here.

I am currently working on a set of unix like utils for MSX-DOS2, like a better mkdir, cp, rm, touch, etc. Every part of that which reaches a mature enough state I release here. When I have enough utils to warrant it, I'll make a package and provide a Makefile.

You can freely download, change and distribute everything, provided you keep the enclosed copyright statements intact. The GNU Public Licence applies on everything you find here, except where stated otherwise.


msx - 8 bits